Diamonds are a unit obtained in play by making achievements or by digging. Diamonds are used to open the chests that give the artifacts. When you dig, you have a chance to get a chest containing:

  1. An artifact chest (bronze, silver, gold or platinum chest)
  2. A diamond chest (1, 2 diamonds or more)

Achievements Edit




Yo Dig Brah! Achieve 1Km 1 diamond
Maratoner Achieve 10Km 2 diamonds
Huge Leap Achieve 100Km 3 diamonds
Center of the Earth Achieve 500Km 4 diamonds
So You Know how to click Click 500 times 1 diamond
Click Apprentice Click 5K times 2 diamonds
Click Master Click 50K times 3 diamonds
I Bet your finger is tired Click 500K times 4 diamonds
Carpal Tunnel Click 5M times 5 diamonds
Poor Miner Collect 1K gold 1 diamond
Midas touch Collect 100K gold 2 diamonds
Bloody Rick Collect 10M gold 3 diamonds
Its raining gold Halleluya Collect 10B gold 4 diamonds
Hardened Carbon Collect 5 diamonds 1 diamond
Something stays forever Collect 50 diamonds 2 diamonds
Girls best friend Collect 500 diamonds 3 diamonds
Propose her now! Collect 5K diamonds 4 diamonds
Speed fingering Get 12 clicks in 1 second 1 diamond
It stands for damage per second Reach 1K dps 2 diamonds
A million dps! Not bad Reach 1M dps 3 diamonds
You got it Big! Reach 1B dps 4 diamonds
With big dmg comes big responsability Reach 100B dps 5 diamonds
*pokes* Reach 100 dpc 1 diamond
the damage a finger can do Reach 10K dpc 2 diamonds
true poker Reach 1M dpc 3 diamonds
Extreme nosepicker Reach 10M dpc 4 diamonds
Make it count Get 10 Artifacts 1 diamond
A-A-A-Artifacts! Get 25 Artifacts 2 diamonds
Treasure hunter Get 50 Artifacts 3 diamonds
Call me Indy Get 100 Artifacts 4 diamonds
Charmer Enhance 5 times 1 diamond
Wow magic! Enhance 25 times 2 diamonds
Enhance-a-licious Enhance 50 times 3 diamonds
Lord of Enhancer Enhance 100 times 4 diamonds
The Alchemist Combine 1 times 2 diamonds
Siriusly, Snape? Combine 5 times 3 diamonds
Mix that up! Combine 10 times 4 diamonds
Fusion master Combine 15 times 5 diamonds
I know you like it Like us on Facebook 250 Gold
Tweet me something please Follow us on twitter 250 Gold
The mustachios approve! Unlock all upgrades 10 diamonds
Pro gamers Go through the portal 1 time 1 diamond
Clan admin Go through the portal 3 time 5 diamonds
Game master Go through the portal 10 time 20 diamonds

 Chests, artifact drop chance Edit

Grades Shop cost (diamond) Open cost (diamond)
Bronze Chest 2 1
Silver Chest 5 2
Gold Chest 10 3
Platinum Chest 20 4


 Statistics and Drop chance (not touch, in progress) Edit


number of loot

1 diamond 2 diamonds 3 diamonds and more Probabiliy (for N = 634) Summary
Diamond 61 26 35 0 5.52% Rare
bronze chest 1017 xx xx xx 66.88% Very Commun
silver chest 256 xx xx xx 22.56% Commun
gold chest 73 xx xx xx 4.73% Rare
platinum chest 5 xx xx xx 0.32% Very rare
Total loot 1412 xx xx xx 100.00% xx